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Collard Greens with Mulled Cider Spiced Butter and Ricotta Cheese

With fall comes vibrant leafy green vegetables, one of my favorites being collard greens. Most recipes call for a long cooking time but this recipe is a quick cook recipe. The greens are softened but still have some texture. They are also still a glorious bright green. The surprise ingredient is mulling spice. I buy mulling spices very year to mull cider or wine. One day I added the mulling spice blend to flavor some butter and the end result is a delicious, aromatic, and toasty brown butter that works great to sauté collard greens. The spicy flavor is balanced by the ricotta cheese which warms into the collard greens. Fabulous to eat and your house will smell like fall!

From by the bay, wishing you warm mulled spice food memories!


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